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Me in the office

I am a maker of fine hunting, traditional outdoor knives, folding knives, as well as Tactical blades for Self-Defense, Law Enforcement and Military. I also make martial art training blades of extraordinary materials, fine woods and laminates. My knives are made from the stock removal method utilizing state of the art steels , both high carbon, carbon Damascus, stainless Damascus and stainless steels. Blades are heat treated, tempered and in some cases cryogenic treated to produce blades of optimum strength that retain sharpness. Heat treat process is done in my shop with digital  controlled equipment and is the cornerstone of successful blade making. If you are interested in buying a fine knife for yourself or as a gift please contact me at timleeknifemaker@yahoo.com. Images on the following pages are representative of some of my work. Not a catalog or specific  reference,  my work is not limited to just these styles.  Please leave good contact information, thanks for stopping by.